Weekend find: Mapiri Country Lodge

In recent months, I have travelled to Dedza boma on many occasions. Finding a decent place to grab a meal was kind of a priority. I love to experiment with roadside restaurants but on the first of these visits, I was in need of a quiet place I could comfortably catch up on my email. I was never going to find that serenity in a roadside joint.

My first thought of such a place was Mapiri Country Golf Lodge. The lodge sits at the foot of Dedza Mountain and at the north end of the old Dedza Golf course. The golf course is now overgrown and staff at the lodge say that it is earmarked for demarcation and sale as small plots.


The Mapiri Country Lodge lounge has a well-stocked bar with satellite TV and bar stools. There is also a dining area and lounge with comfy seats. There is a garden you can sit in if you are brave enough to withstand the chilly winds blowing down the Dedza mountain.

The toilets are clean and the staff are friendly. The internet connection is rather patchy but if you sit ‘strategically’ (what does that even mean, lol!) you can get a stable signal. Trust me, it works. Just don’t go there expecting to easily stream your favourite movie off Netflix.

The meals

The menu is straightforward. Disclaimer: I personally dislike menus with too many options. I love simplicity!

The menu options include roast, stew and fried beef, chicken and fish. These dishes are served with either rice, chips or nsima with a serving of vegetables.

Mapiri Lodge meal

Mapiri chips and chicken

Mapiri Lodge chips and beef

Mapiri Foods Chilli
The lodge produces their very nice own chilli sauce, Wathyola Kambuzi Hot Chilli Sauce. But I have never seen this bottle in any of the retail stores and I have never asked the waiter either if it is sold retail.

If you happen to be passing through Dedza, give Mapiri a shot. It is my Saturday lunch and cold beer venue of choice!

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