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Utale Outdoor is a new travel company in Malawi born out of a passion to provide adventure and recreational tours, activities and events. We curate for you, travel experiences that showcase the warmth, beauty and diversity of our lovely continent and its people.

Malawi is a country of immense beauty and spectacular natural attractions. Unspoilt and uncrowded.

Utale Outdoor offers road safaris and challenging adventures in and around Malawi. We organise excursions on and around the country’s many mountains, forests and lake of stars.

For the more leisurely traveler, we curate activities such as bird watching, sunbathing or a sundowner in one of many picturesque places across Malawi.

Tours, activities and events - Utale Outdoor

Be it by foot, bike or car, on the beaten track or unexplored trails, Utale Outdoor take the stress out of planning trips and will help you experience those little secrets, diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage that Africa and her people have to offer.

Thinking of how to spend your next free day, weekend or couple of days in a fun and adventurous way?