Hiking Senga Hills in Salima

I am not your usual hiking kind of guy. Give me a large mass of water + a few cold ones and we are friends. But last week I challenged myself and joined a team-building group hiking up Senga Hills in Salima. It was a tough start but as the views got better, so did the climb. We had soldiers from the Malawi Defence Force guiding us through the trek so we had to really give it our best.

Views of Lifuwu Plains

Senga Hills is a forest reserve in Salima district in the central region of Malawi. The estimated terrain elevation 600 metres above sea level.

Spectacular views of Lifuwu Plains and Lake Malawi

The Senga Hill consist of seven hills that start right from Lake Malawi, in Senga Bay and Leopards Bay, and extend inland.

The flora of Senga Hill Forest Reserve

The hills have many rocky outcrops and the elevation is steep in certain sections.

The lovely views of Lake Malawi from atop Senga Hills

The views of Senga Bay and Leopards Bay give you a stunning view of the beauty of Lake Malawi.

The views from Senga Hills

On the north-facing side of the hills, there are lovely views of the Lifuwu Plains in the northern part of Salima district.

Hiking Senga Hills one has to be physically fit

The hike up Senga Hills requires you to have a suitable level of fitness. Some parts of the hills are very steep and slippery.

The Senga Hills has many rocky outcrops

The hills are home to an assortment of birds and wildlife although most wildlife tends to live further down the hills. Our only notable encounter was with a very rowdy baboon.

Lake Malawi peaking through the tree cover

If you plan on hiking Senga Hills, make sure you have good hiking shoes and are well-hydrated. Salima is a hot place!

Our guides from the Malawi Defence Force

The forest reserve is used by the Malawi Defence Force as a training area. Probably the reason why the hills still have thick forest cover.

After a sweaty few hours of hiking, our group had a much-deserved rest at the nearby Kabumba Hotel before heading back to Lilongwe.

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