Weekend Find: Light lunch at CaRiz Cakery

So, as someone who loves to experiment with food and drink, a post all about food. And everything in between!

CaRiz is a cakery located in sector 3 of Area 47. I had only known it as a cake and coffee shop until one lazy Saturday afternoon. Too lazy to cook or drive into town for a fast meal, my wife suggested the place for a light lunch.

Veranda at CaRiz Cakery

The gardens have a few covered patios with comfy chairs. The inside is the coffee shop and the bakery.

light lunch at Cariz, Chicken wings and chicken sandwich

The lunch menu is limited, a bonus for people like me who are annoyingly indecisive. After all who needs a menu with 37 different options! As a documented chicken lover, the chicken cheese sandwich was my pick. Because CaRiz doesn’t have a hoard of lunch customers, preparation of your meal will take a tad bit longer than usual but you are assured it is fresh.

Veranda of CaRiz Cakery, perfect for a light lunch

After lunch, be sure to get yourself a slice of red velvet cake or chocolate cupcakes for dessert! Your appetite will have been built up from seeing a steady stream of parents collecting their kid’s birthday cakes.

Inside CaRiz Cakery

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