Kabumba Hotel: Perfect choice for Lake of Stars

Lake of Stars makes its return this year and will be held at the newly built Kabumba Hotel in Leopard’s Bay, Salima. The 3-day festival will be held from 28 – 30 September and will mark its 15th anniversary.

I first visited the Kabumba Hotel in early January this year. My wife and I had planned a trip out to Ntchisi Forest Lodge. Being the rainy season, we were unsure of the condition of the road up to the lodge. We couldn’t get hold of the lodge by phone and our other communication was not responded to (we sent it late after the unsuccessful phone calls). So we made a quick decision the night before to travel to Salima.

On our way down to Senga Bay, we saw the sign for Kabumba Hotel and decided to quickly check it out. Some couple we know had tied their knot a few weeks earlier at the hotel but we had no idea where it was.

The bar is long and has swings as seats. You would be well-advised not to try any fancy tricks on them after a few hard drinks!

I was impressed right from the drive down from the main road. The hotel structure itself is modern and well-spaced out. The bar area and a few rooms were complete at the time as well as other function rooms. We were shown around by the staff and went into some of the rooms which were spacious and well furnished. We were told the first phase of construction will see the completion of 50 rooms. In the second phase, an additional 100 rooms will be built. The gym, swimming pool and dining room were under construction at the time.

The beach is very deep and long. It is secluded with no other cottages in sight. Or at least I didn’t see any. As much as the hotel was open, workers were busy building and landscaping. I can only imagine the progress that has been made since.

I think the Lake of Stars has made an excellent choice of Kabumba as the venue for #LOS2018. See you in September!

The beach is very wide and secluded.
The beach is deep but that could have been a result of low water levels in the lake. Some rooms, in the left background, were still under construction.
The swimming pool and the gym in front of it were under construction. The bar and verandah in the background look out on the lake.

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