Chintheche: Life’s a beach!

The sandy Chinthenche beach on the Lake of Stars, Lake Malawi

After a wet drive from Lilongwe to Mzuzu, an overnighter at Glitz Cloud 9 Lodge in New Katoto and another wet drive down the M5, we were finally on the sandy shores of Chintheche. Chintheche is in Nkhata Bay, some 80 kilometres south east of Mzuzu city or 345 kilometres north of Lilongwe.

Rocky outcrop on Lake Malawi

Day one and it was overcast. Isn’t the beach always meant to be sunny? Oh, well…

A few years ago almost all of these rocks would have been under water. But over the years water levels in Lake Malawi have been going down due to reduced rainfall in the part of Africa.

Sunrise on Lake Malawi, the lake of stars

The early bird catches the spectacular sunrise. Day two. The sun was out in all its splendor.

Now what could ruin such a day?

Further north and a storm was brewing. I was not ready for another wet day. So not ready!

It knew better than ruining my day! Probably ruined someone else’s day across in Tanzania.

Sambani Lodge

Day break at Sambani Lodge. The lodge was recommended by a family friend who comes from the area. It has decent lodging and friendly staff. The owner runs a local football league and we arrived on the weekend of the finals. I saw many former football greats like Gilbert Chirwa and Meke Mwase who came in for the tournament.

boat on Lake Malawi

It is closed fishing season on Lake Malawi. Fishing nets are not allowed. Rods and hooks are allowed though.

grilled tilapia chambo and chips

Nevertheless there was no shortage of grilled fresh tilapia, Chambo. All other meals were prepared just as well. Freshly baked hot scones for breakfast was probably my best!

Lake Malawi

Choppy waters. The owner of Sambani Lodge said a choppy lake is often a sign of a good catch the next day.

Chintheche beach

Chintheche beach on Lake Malawi, Lake of Stars

Listening to myself… and to the waves. Because that’s what I go to the lake to do.

Bwato House Bar at Chintheche Inn, Lake Malawi

Bwato House Bar at Chintheche Inn, a stone’s throw away from Sambani Lodge.

Cold Carlsberg beer at Bwato House Bar, Chintheche Inn

Enjoying a cold Carlsberg.

Bwato House Bar at Chintheche Inn

Chintheche Inn.

Fish eagle

A fish eagle looking for a meal.

Sunset at Sambani Lodge, Chintheche Inn

Sunset on the beach.

Till next time, Chintheche!

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